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See what players have to say about ​our playful personal development tool.

Sophie Kemenes Social Marketing Expert

I have a few close friends, who label themselves 'too rational for these self-help games'. Since I myself am sort of addicted to the wonders of personal development, I was curious how to approach them without being too pushy. It is truly a wonder how elegantly Inspire destroys these walls, by simply starting a conversation, which delves deeper and deeper, how others give themselves time and effort to explain these everyday simple things in their life, on which otherwise they don't really think. And by this, the end of the evening, a lot of important topics are touched, sometimes the conversation drifts apart to issues most important at those time. So, I consider Inspire as a true, deep conversation starter, where there is no need for preparation.

There is no universal truth, only individual life paths with indivitual truths. The reflection of our environment, our experiences with have gathered in our paths define ourselves. Whether you laugh or cry on a situation on the street, it's up to your mindset. Self-awareness is not neccessarily the set of our good and bad qualitfies. What is good and what is bad? And in what situation? 🙂 This game is a great inspiration to understand the way the world - including others and ourselves - works. The game is so engaging, fun and food for thought. Play and understand. Do we need a better combination?

Judit Veres
Zsuzsanna Keresztes Project Manager / English Teacher

Inspire opens a new window each time we play. The cards can take you further and deeper than you could imagine.

When I got the deck in my hand, I wasn't sure what to expect. We started playing and it became a great conversation very soon. It made us get closer while learning from each other's experiences. Simple game rules, easy to understand so it's suitable for everyone of all ages. It's amazing how deep you can get to know yourself and others simply by 'playing'. It's an awesome experience, every single time we play.

Emese Dolgos Marketing Undergraduate
Ildikó Pap Career Guidance Consultant

One thing I love about Inspire is that people who are new to each other can start and have a conversation easily. The game guides the players in a casual and interesting way. The other speciality of this tool is that the texts on the cards address the child part of our personality, our curious part, the sponanous explorer, the adventurer. I believe that's the way this game gives opportunity for spontanous learning and social entertainment.


Inspire is an exciting way to develop new habits with our friends or with people who we've just met.As a psychologist, I gladly recommend it for trainers or teachers who are open to interesting and fun ways of the personal development.

Attila BodnárTraining Follow-up Tool Developer