Play along with your habits

Get to know your habits

  • FUN - playful learning
  • FOCUSED - on your own habits
  • FACILITATED - using supportive questions

Get better

playfully in

  • finances
  • relationships
  • learning
  • creative mindset

One Tool - Multiple Purposes

Supportive Socializing

Sit down with a couple of friends (2-6 players) for a 45-90 minute mastermind session. Aren't you treating yourself masterminds? Just start playing and get ready to explore the huge value within you!

Playing Solo

Take the deck with you and simply read the cards on the bus. Use them as flashcards - let your first thoughts come up about these habits.

Learning Langauges

use the deck as a set of prompts to aid communicative one-to-one or small group speaking tasks.

HR – job interviews

the deck is a powerful focus tool to direct a job interview into the part where personal characteristics and assets need to be mapped out in as fine detail as possible.

One-on-One Coaching

the deck provides a handy warm-up exercise in a life-coaching context. It helps to discover which life areas at large, or patterns of behaviour/habits in particular might best be addressed for optimum progress. The cards, viewed as a logical set, can reveal exciting new insights.

Couples Therapy

acknowledging and accepting our partner’s habits is a pillar of healthy relationships. The cards are super-helpful in pinpointing the most problematic set of habits in a relationship. That alone can help a couple. Further, this helps to create a common habit map which both partners are happy with and can accept.

Team-building ice-breaking

ideal for the introduction round with medium to large size teams. Each player draws a card and gives an introduction based on that card.

Player Quotes

Zsuzsanna Keresztes Project Manager / English Teacher

Inspire opens a new window each time we play. The cards can take you further and deeper than you could imagine.

Inspire is an exciting way to develop new habits with our friends or with people who we've just met.As a psychologist, I gladly recommend it for trainers or teachers who are open to interesting and fun ways of the personal development.

Attila Bodnár Training Follow-up Tool Developer
Emese DolgosMarketing Undergraduate

When I got the deck in my hand, I wasn't sure what to expect.  We started playing and it became a great conversation very soon. It made us get closer while learning from each other's experiences. Simple game rules, easy to understand so it's suitable for everyone of all ages. It's amazing how deep you can get to know yourself and others simply by 'playing'. It's an awesome experience, every single time we play. 

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Our Products


Habit Awareness

A cardgame that helps you create better awareness of your habits. You pick a habit card from the deck and talk about it to the other players. To make the conversation more focused, we added some questions that you have to answer about the chosen habit. That’s it. Your turn is 1 habit with 1 question. No time limit, no obligations on putting all your stuff on the table. You can even pass on your turn. However, what you give is what you get. 


Success Rituals

In pipeline

Same rules. Advanced Habits. 
By our Contributors.

Habit Awareness and Success Rituals have the same rules so you can mix the two decks!

Inspire: Role Play Extention

In pipeline

What does a Shaman, a Lego Robot Expert, the SWAT Team Lead and a Fortune Cookie Writer have in common? They all have habits! But which ones? And  how do they relate to the others? 

Choose your favourite character or draw randomly and play the same game as you were in the boots of that person. One thing is for sure: when these guys are together, that situation will already make your day!


CREATIVITY is connecting the dots to create something new. which is the definition of
LEARNING you don’t learn until you
CHANGE can be made easy by having
FUN is the most efficient way of
CREATIVITY which is… [see above].
powered by INSPIRATION.

OUR MISSION IS  to make playful learning a common practice by developing enabling tools.

OUR VISION IS  to create and empower small communities where educational games are played regularly.

Meet the team

Gergely Gurmai  founder

Creative self developer, playful learner. My favourite song is
‘Teach me baby one more time’ from You Know Who.

János Melocco

content author

Playful learner. NLP Coach. Always talking about far far away.

Róbert Víg

game instructor

Creative Idea Generator who loves dreams and making Life spectacular.

Edit Horváth

Italian translator

Owner of the Italian version of Inspire, sometimes game instructor, passionate self-developer.

Ildikó Pap

game instructor

Passionate psychologist, supporter of the harmonic fulfillment and emotional well-being of the youth and adults.